Our Team


The core business of SARJAK is in a niche domain, where challenges come in the form of huge sizes and unexpected shapes. To meet these challenges, you need a team to perform beyond expectations. Like the team at SARJAK.

To be able to serve customers across the globe with total competency, SARJAK is constantly nurturing a team of professionals who don’t just understand the business, but also appreciate its intricacies too.


SARJAK is today a vibrant blend of individuals with diverse skills who are well versed in the duties of ODC/OOG management and movement. The team is well informed about the working of the Equipment Fleet and is well prepared to anticipate and intelligently respond to diverse customer needs across the globe. They are also familiar with the processes and the detailed formalities that a movement entails, which makes it simpler and convenient for a customer to ship.

What defines the team however, is its emphasis on creating lasting relationships. From the time that a customer calls for a booking, team SARJAK ensures a rich interaction experience that is thoroughly professional, yet personally warm. This approach extends right through till the time the shipment is delivered, and carries forward to the next interaction as well.

Responsive, understanding and striving to deliver beyond benchmarks these are the traits that define Team SARJAK.


•  Close knit team of ODC/OOG professionals

•  Fully conversant with industry demands

•  Committed to ethical business practices

•  Performance and solutions oriented approach

•  Familiar with global processes and compliance     issues

•  Relationship driven work ethos


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